About This Live Project

The Live Project aims to reconsider the estate in terms of navigation, identity, ownership, connections, environment, community, security and the long term future of Lansdowne

We hope to raise aspirations for the area and challenge the view that the estate is fixed with little opportunity for local people to make an impact in their built environment.

We aim to devise forms of communication and representation that can creatively engage people living in the estate, tackling architectural issues for the shared spaces in the estate.

This may be in the form of physical permanent and/or temporary interventions within Lansdowne.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lost in Lansdowne....again

Its that time of the year again.... no not Halloween, the second Lost in Lansdowne event!
This time we are exhibiting our work that we have been developing over the course of our 5 weeks on the Lansdowne Estate, and we would like to know what you think.
What is the new cladding going to look like?
Is the lighting going to get better?
What and where is the Lansdowne HQ?
Will it be any easier to find 200 Washington Road?
All this and more, plus free tea and cake, Saturday 1st November, Lansdowne Meeting room. (Next to Asif's shop)

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